Muscular and Skeletal

Muscular and Skeletal Conditions

I see many people in my clinic with a variety of muscular and skeletal conditions.

As part of my approach to the treatment of these conditions, I may also incorporate the following therapies as appropriate:

Tuina (Chinese massage)

I am likely to use some short, light massage before or after I use acupuncture in many physical conditions.


This is a painless current that is passed through the needles and is often very helpful in pain relief. I rarely use this on the first treatment. Some of you will have come across TENS machines, and this treatment is similar, except more effective through the needles I insert, rather than TENS pads.

Heat treatment

I sometimes use an infrared heat lamp, plus topical herbs to help absorb the heat. Most patients thoroughly enjoy the sensation of the heat on the affected area and it can help relieve tension and improve blood circulation.


This is a painless type of massage using cups that ‘pull’, rather than ‘push’, as in standard massage. They are helpful in pain relief, and help to increase movement and circulation in the effected area. I often use cups at the end of a session but have sometimes used them where a patient is nervous of needles. They can be very effective in producing positive results on their own.


Where appropriate, I will suggest a small number of stretching exercises that may help you manage the condition at home. Many conditions can be effectively supported by a routine of daily stretches.

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