Treatment Expectations

What to expect from treatment

First and follow-up sessions

A first treatment will involve me taking a detailed case history covering your medical history, current symptoms and other information such as sleep patterns, appetite and digestion. I will also explain certain aspects of the treatment I intend to provide, and you are welcome to ask any questions you may have.

Both acupuncture and homeopathy take into account your mental and emotional state. My understanding of who you are helps target the treatment, and so I will also ask questions about you as an individual.

motherand+daughters+smilingFirst appointments last up to one and a quarter hours for adults, and up to forty-five minutes for children. Follow-up sessions last around forty-five minutes for adults and thirty minutes for children.

Treatment expecations and outcomes depend on what sort of illness you have, as well as other aspects of the case, such as how long you have had the condition and your age. In general, the longer you have suffered from the condition, and the older you are, the longer treatment may take. Like all other forms of healthcare, I cannot guarantee success.

For most conditions I normally suggest trying treatment for three to four sessions at approximately weekly intervals and then reviewing progress.

I will give you some idea of how long treatment might take where I am able. If I do not see improvement within a reasonable and expected period of time (normally three to four treatments), I will discuss with you whether I feel continuing treatment is worthwhile. I always try to stretch out the intervals between treatments where this is beneficial to the patient.

Follow up treatments for homeopathy only, normally take place at three to four week intervals, and for acupuncture at one to two week intervals, until improvement occurs.

Please contact me if you are unsure as to whether acupuncture or homeopathy may be of any help in your case.

Which treatment is best for me?
I will generally combine acupuncture and homeopathy, unless I feel that either one of these therapies may not be necessary or appropriate. I will suggest which method of treatment might be more appropriate in your particular case.